New Comics! 6.1.16

dcureb_cv1_ds_300dpi_cropped_5743b270aaaae3-39723701Well I’m still working on my review of the DC Universe Rebirth one shot. I’ve decided that since it’s broken up into chapters that I’d do one post per chapter. I will say this for right now… I really enjoyed this book. The story was very interesting and and the ending… wow. But I’ll get more into that later. If you haven’t read the book yet check out your local comic shop or go to DC Comics.

As you can see the title is “New Comics!” so let’s talk about new comics! For me, this week I’ll only be getting Batman Rebirth issue 1. But there are MANY great titles dropping. Like I said in my previous post “Intentions,” I’m only going to be able to review what is on my pull list. (Which isn’t much because I’m on a budget.) But leave some comments below and tell me what comics you have coming out this week and if you do reviews please give me some links! I love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

Also below I’ve posted this week’s episode of Talking Comics by Excalibur CCGTV. This is my local comic shop. Give them some love and if you are in the Ark-La-Tex Area go check them out!



So my intentions with this site is to discuss portions of my personal collection, do some reviews, and connect with other comic collectors and lovers!  With the launch of the DC Universe Rebirth I’m going to do some reviews starting from here.

Like many I am on a budget so I can only review what’s on my pull list, but I plan to also review some other things too. On my list of things to share other than the DC Rebirth line are:

  1. Batman New 52
  2. Legends of Dead Earth
  3. Cable Vol 1
  4. Nightwing Vol 3
  5. Grayson
  6. and… much more!

I’m looking forward to having great conversation with others and reading great comics!